Quick Start

Get your API key

To access the API, you must include your RapidAPI API key in the headers of your HTTP requests.

Here are the steps to get your API key:

  1. Log in or sign up for your RapidAPI account.

  2. Navigate to the Real-Time Email Verification API documentation page by clicking on this link.

  3. Scroll down to the "Header Parameters" section of the API console.

  4. Your API Key should be visible in the "X-RapidAPI-Key" field as shown in the screenshot below. Also, You can directly test the API by clicking on the "Test Endpoint" button.

Here is an example of how to authenticate your requests:



Your RapidAPI APIkey



Make your first request

This endpoint allows you to verify the validity and deliverability of an email address. It checks if the email is valid, deliverable, associated with a catch-all domain or disposable email.

Get Email Verification API Result

GET https://real-time-email-verification-api.p.rapidapi.com/validate

Get Email Verification API Result Data.

Query Parameters




an email address to be verified.






Your RapidAPI Apikey

Place your rapidAPI apikey

  "email": "user@example.com",
  "is_valid_format": true,
  "is_disposable_email": false,
  "is_mx_Record": true,
  "is_smtp": false,
  "is_catch_all_email": false,
  "status": "undeliverable",
  "reason": "email_doesnt_exist"

This API accepts an email address as a query parameter, and based upon real-time verification, it returns a JSON response with the following fields:

  • email - The email address that was sent for verification.

  • is_valid_format - The value is true if the email address format is valid.

  • is_disposable_email - The value is true if the email address is created by any disposable email service.

  • is_mx_Record - The value is true if MX records exist for the email address.

  • is_smtp - The value is true if an email inbox exists.

  • is_catch_all_email - The value is true if the email is used as a catch-all email.

  • status - The email verification statuses: deliverable, undeliverable, risky, unknown

  • reason - The email verification reasons: accepted_email, invalid_syntax, email_doesnt_exist, invalid_dns, disposable_email, catch_all_email, connection_error, connection_timeout

Take a look at how you might call this API using code snippets, or via curl:

curl --request GET \
	--url 'https://real-time-email-verification-api1.p.rapidapi.com/validate?email=user%40example.com' \
	--header 'X-RapidAPI-Host: real-time-email-verification-api1.p.rapidapi.com' \
	--header 'X-RapidAPI-Key: Your RapidAPI API'

Need examples on how you can call the API using other programming languages? Check them here: https://rapidapi.com/nitinksaas/api/real-time-email-verification-api1

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